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  • Sep 20, 11 at 03:54pm
    Everything Bonnie Jean posted in her bio is an excellent representation of her. She is a lovely lady with a great heart for others. She is a hard worker, well-read, and loves to discuss all sorts of subjects. I'm honored to be a reference for her.
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  • Deleted Member
    Jan 12, 15 at 10:21pm
    Sounds like a quote from Chronicles of Narnia to me!
  • Aug 5, 13 at 07:52am
    Thanks for the welcome!! :-)
  • Deleted Member
    Jul 30, 13 at 06:35am
    Thanks for the welcome! :-)
  • May 19, 13 at 02:58am
    Thanks for the welcome! I'm really not interested in browsing profiles online, but I figure if God leads me to a girl through the internet I want to be available to accept that leading.
  • Mar 22, 13 at 11:52am
    Thanks for the welcome Bonnie :-)
  • Mar 16, 13 at 05:39pm
    Thank you very much for your warm welcome Ms. BonnieJean. It is quite appreciated. :-)
  • Mar 12, 13 at 07:59pm
    Message: Hello, how are you my friend! It's a beautiful sunny "summer-like" day here in Sacramento. We are supposed to be in the mid-80s this week. Where did the much needed rain go?
  • Mar 6, 13 at 01:26pm
    Hello. This is a delayed reply, but thanks for the "Welcome Aboard!" message.
  • Jan 17, 13 at 09:33am
    Hi BonnieJean - thanks for the welcome!

    I am fascinated by this site so far - may I ask what your thoughts on its efficacy & value are, given that you are a premium member and seem to have invested a lot into your presence here?


    P.S. I aspire to one day have a profile as complete and excellent as yours. :-)
  • Deleted Member
    Jan 12, 13 at 10:58am
    Thank you BonnieJean! Just reading over your profile, I'm encouraged to take another step in being the man of God, God has intended for me to be exceptional even to a Godly woman like you. I hope that God is preparing your future husband somewhere out there and hope your next chapter in your life will be joyful and full of blessings.
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