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  • May 21, 17 at 01:12am
    At the age of 20, God convicted me of sex outside of marriage - to the point that I could not participate in it (with my boyfriend) any longer. Shortly after this, I found out I was pregnant. Then, during a sermon about Peter walking on the water, God called me to walk with Jesus and let go of the boat which was clearly "my baby daddy".

    God gave me the grace and faith to let go if that relationship and embrace a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I have been following after the Lord ever since and for the most part I've been single.

    God has lead me every step of the way and I'm now interested in beginning a healthy, God glorifying relationship with a man. One of the things, I like about this site is that it seems to hold the same belief as me when it comes to men being the pursuer.

    I'm looking forward to growing in everyway through this site and communicating with those who pursue me. :-)