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  • Deleted Member
    Jan 16, 18 at 12:29am
    Your great with eyes of god candiceGage
  • Nov 26, 16 at 02:54pm
    Always hope to meet another writer/reader. Invite you to become friends. God Bless- Stephen.
  • May 1, 14 at 05:14pm
    Congratulations on acceptance and plans for seminary! I also am looking to do the same this fall for an online MAT... maybe we will be classmates!
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 12, 14 at 11:19pm
    Where are you going to seminary?
  • Apr 8, 14 at 01:58am
    Don't take too many classes at the beginning, because you'll need to figure out a good balance in your church and spiritual life. Take the harder classes, you'll get more out of them. Take and learn the Biblical languages if you can (not sure if it works with the MATM) and recognize that it will take extra work beyond the class to learn them well. The payoff, though, will be more than anything else you learn in seminary. If you have a choice, on-site is always better. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  • Apr 8, 14 at 01:57am
    Let's see, too many thoughts, but I'll just list some. Make sure you know your Bible really well before you begin the program. You will have surprisingly little time to read Scripture during seminary. (It's a good time to do the Bible-in-a-year plan). Be prepared to have the standard conservative views regularly challenged in your readings. Remember that nearly everyone else will not be complementarian; treat them respectfully, a lot of them had bad experiences with complementarians.
  • Apr 7, 14 at 09:36pm
    Oh nice. I did my MAT there in Biblical and Theological Studies.
  • Apr 7, 14 at 07:34pm
    Congratulations! Seminary has been very helpful for my ministry and personal study. Where will you be attending seminary, and what will you be studying for?
  • Jan 31, 14 at 05:45am
    YOU ARE FUNNY! ( }: I like your humor .Actually it was a random photo by mistake.The real me is coming soon to this theater! :-) Love you ,JODY
  • Oct 16, 13 at 09:06pm
    So how've you been these days?