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  • May 23, 18 at 12:22am
    All good choices! I was just at MacArthur's Grace Community this weekend observing their children's ministry and meeting with their Children's Pastor and his assistant. I'm so impressed with how well they do everything there and with the curriculum they have designed in house.
  • May 15, 18 at 10:50pm
    I so wanted to go to T4G but am definitely planning on 2020. I watched as much as I could online - who was your favorite speaker?
  • Oct 8, 17 at 10:11pm
  • Oct 4, 17 at 04:55am
  • Deleted Member
    May 29, 17 at 10:22pm
    Hi again. I've now have updated my profile. I hope you take a peek
  • Mar 19, 17 at 10:58pm
    I enjoy attending a couple of Bible studies during the week. I'm currently going through a great one about prayer. Is there a topic you've enjoyed talking about during a Bible study?
  • Mar 19, 17 at 10:53pm
    Hello! When it comes to Italian dining pasta is my favorite.
  • Mar 19, 17 at 09:20pm
    Hi there! I noticed that we both like Italian cuisine. There are lots of Italian restaurants where I live. When your dining out, what's your favorite food to order?
  • Mar 11, 17 at 06:58am
    Hey Christopher,

    I enjoy playing Monopoly, bananagrams, and skipbo. I grew up with a ping pong table in my basement, so that was a popular activity when friends came over.
  • Mar 9, 17 at 06:50pm
    Hi there! Favorite board game?
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