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  • Sep 16, 17 at 08:59pm
    Yes, there was a tornado in a neighborhood next to mine, but all I had was a broken fence and some broken tree limbs. Like most of Floridians, I lost power, but just got it restored today! God was merciful to us again.
  • Sep 4, 17 at 03:16pm
    Good deduction (about my name)! I'm not sure what my plans are for Thanksgiving yet, but if I'm staying in Florida I'll let you know. Did you get to see the eclipse up there?
  • Aug 12, 17 at 08:41pm
    Hi Kelsey,
    No, I haven't been on Marry Well for a while, but I apparently still get an email if someone writes a comment on my profile :-)
    I liked your profile, especially your decision to follow Christ section. Let me know next time you come to FL and maybe we can meet in person.
  • Apr 22, 17 at 02:14pm
    Hi Kel,
    You have an interesting profile here, 'm new in this incredible site. I love to W you deeper. Since you are basic, you can mail me

  • Feb 9, 17 at 10:57pm
    I see it it's right below I had to write it in.
  • Feb 9, 17 at 10:55pm
    it's probably because I can't choose what I want it to say.
  • May 25, 16 at 04:35pm
    Hi, I've complained no edit button or help button many times. Can't understand why this website doesn't provide a deletion or help button. Ugh!
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 21, 16 at 08:22am
    Thank you for your kind words and prayers! It is hard, but we know God is with us and will carry us through.
  • Deleted Member
    Nov 15, 15 at 10:43pm
    Greetings! I enjoyed reading your profile, and I see you are into musical gifts. what kinds of musical gift(s) are you into? I enjoy guitar and piano ...
  • Deleted Member
    Sep 14, 15 at 07:57am
    Thanks Kelsey for your prayers and continued prayers. Amy
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