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  • Deleted Member
    Feb 21, 17 at 05:40am
    How long have you been on here and how is it going on here on this site..Is it going well for you?.Your profile caught my attention with your Adorable smile...what are you looking up on here?cant wait to know more about you for us to meet in-person for drink or coffee.I don't usually give my number this quickly but if you want to chat send me a text Thanks! Gerald Would like to know more about you since your profile was so short - u mind writing me on my email ,hate staying online here for long,
  • Nov 13, 14 at 05:48pm
    Hi! Thanks for giving feedback to my question about the woman pursuing marriage. I appreciate what you said and I believe it's true. Can you elaborate on how you are growing in these areas? I struggle a lot with practical application.
  • Deleted Member
    Aug 15, 13 at 09:53pm
    I hope you don't mind me prying but why are you considering leaving MW?? Just curious.
  • Aug 5, 13 at 10:33pm
    Great article on marriage myths! I read it a few days ago and thought it made some well-deserved points. Hope you are doing well, and I feel as if we should catch up again soon. I will be around all of August. :-)
  • Deleted Member
    May 30, 13 at 09:32pm
    What change are you trying to propagate? Just curious.
  • May 30, 13 at 09:32pm
    Maybe I missed something... But what kind of change are we talking about? I haven't been very active on this site lately.
  • Apr 25, 13 at 05:23pm
    yup, its the sad truth. people dont want to change becasue change is a hard thing to do. Its easyer to do what we know, then change, grow, and become more even if that means the person has to hit rock bottom before they are willing to change and come to christ.
  • Apr 14, 13 at 05:07pm
    Just emailed you... yes, get out more! It's finally spring in the District. Also, the international film fest is this week. :-)
  • Apr 14, 13 at 12:55pm
    stir crazy dose not sound good.
  • Apr 5, 13 at 12:34pm
    Thanks for the article recommendation in the Lodge! Amazing. Seriously. :-) Would love to hear your thoughts on today's article.
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