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  • Jun 12, 18 at 10:40am
    Great profile .. wil like to know more .
  • Jun 14, 14 at 05:29pm
    My sister and I loved to listen to Evie when we were growing up.
    Washington must be very pretty this time of year. My brother and his family live in Lynden - always nice and green.
  • Aug 13, 12 at 11:44pm
    Thanks again for your encouragement about not responding to those wanting to use their personal email. It has really protected me. Thanks for your kindness. I'm curious what a Special membership type is.?
  • Jul 21, 12 at 11:51pm
    Thanks for the encouragement about being careful regarding people wanting to use personal e-mail. I have been very careful but always a good reminder. Appreciate it. God's blessings.
  • Jul 15, 12 at 07:06pm
    Interesting that the Lord used your sister to draw You to Himself. My brother had a big impact on my walk with the Lord and I continue to be thankful.
  • Jun 19, 12 at 11:01pm
    Where were you in Eastern Europe? I participated in English camps in CZ and I have had short visits in several EE countries. Tried to study Czech, but all I can say is Sem Anekta.
  • May 25, 12 at 09:46pm
    Professor? I teach speech/media. What do you teach? mrs. m (mentor)
  • Apr 30, 12 at 12:31am
    Hi Sam,
    Have a great time with the youth camp this weekend! Sounds fun.
    Where did you serve in Eastern Europe? I'm always interested in hearing about missions and people's experiences with other cultures and evangelism.
  • Apr 4, 11 at 03:58pm
    Where did you serve in E. Eur.? My father was from Prague. I've been to a number of E. Eur. countries. Also audited a class of DA Carson once, and appreciate theologians/speakers with depth who make you think. What was your Masters in?
  • Mar 16, 11 at 03:19pm
    wow we almost have a 1977 alumni group on MW :D Welcome to the community. I hope you will be staying and turning your status to connecting. There are some lovely ladies to meet here. Mrs. M (mentor)
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