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  • Jul 26, 18 at 03:06pm
    You look beautiful and healthy. Are you a happy woman do you like dancing salsa?

    Wish you a pleasant day.

  • Jun 30, 17 at 01:57am
    A timely, timely Word. (Your status message). Let us be as shrewd/wise as a serpent and as innocent of evil/blameless as a dove. (Greek translation).
  • Jun 29, 17 at 11:49pm
  • Feb 9, 17 at 07:57pm
    Maybe she supports distance?
  • Feb 3, 17 at 05:15pm
    Proverbs 31, just stopped by and noticed you have a typo under "Denomination if not listed..." :-)
  • Nov 27, 16 at 06:23pm
    Ronald Reagan...What a President! What a man! One of the people that I want to give a big hug when I get to Heaven!
  • Nov 12, 16 at 03:16am
    Jesus said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and that includes civic duty and good citizenship.That's part of being salt and light in our society. Acts 17 says that God determines when and where we are born.With the gift and blessing of being Americans we have both a godly heritage and a duty to not let it be taken away.So that we, as Americans may continue to be leaders in taking the gospel to the world,in funding missions,in protecting those who cannot protect themselves.If America falls to the likes of the Hillarys of this nation if affects the entire world.As Tony Evans said, our theology must guide our sociology, not the other way around.With that in mind, when you look at the platforms of the Democratic and Republican parties,I don't see how any believer can be a registered democrat and not be ashamed before the Lord.You vote individuals if you are a responsible voter.But you associate your political view with that which most identifies with Scripture.
  • Oct 30, 16 at 12:12pm
    A true Christ follower would see that what we call "patriotism" is merely a declaration of allegiance to the Empire. and Jesus decisively and emphatically spoke against the Empire of his day.
  • Oct 29, 16 at 08:33pm
    I absolutely agree with your statement about voting for Hillary!
  • Oct 24, 16 at 07:54pm
    Thanks! I'm definitely seriously considering it. I have Christmas music playing now actually! It might just happen this weekend!
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