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  • Feb 5, 18 at 11:15am
    What about you? Born and raised in California or somewhaere else?
  • Feb 5, 18 at 11:13am
    I'm from The Bahamas born and raised. Lived there all my life.
  • Feb 5, 18 at 11:11am
    Yes, when you’re creative it comes out in one form or another. As to those books, no I haven’t read those (don’t quote me on that, may have a while back) . Familiar with some of the titles though.
  • Feb 3, 18 at 09:27am
    Well, good save, because Edna Mode costumes........ Moving along but maybe TBC. Ok, well would I be right in saying then you would be considered a "Creative " type? - fashion, clothing, costumes adding in piano teacher, classical music. You see things from that perspective? Just asking because of your last response. Also, some of your fav books got me. Were you preparing for something or were you just led to there?
  • Feb 2, 18 at 09:08am
    Yes, a proud “square” as McGee would have put it. I to don’t listen as much as I use to, but still do. The Incredibles became one of my favs while working in Youth Ministry. If you are familiar with Student Ministry, you have to have access to movies. So after watching it, I forgot those kids were torturing me . But, its Hilarious, family element, what can I say about “Edna Mode”?, its great to decompress with. What about you, what made it a fav?
  • Feb 1, 18 at 11:06am
    The Incredibles! Wow. A fav mine Me too. I think there is a part two coming out.
  • Feb 1, 18 at 10:49am
    You are welcome. Glad to know your new year is going well so far. Yes, I like J. Vernon McGee, i also grew up listening to Thru The Bible. I like how he cuts through all the fluff but has substance. And Evans I appreciated him as well. Watch out now, some say those who listen to McGee are boring folks :-) But that's not the case. B4n, ?
  • Jan 10, 18 at 06:46pm
    Hello, hope your new year is going well? Just wanted to say I am encourage by your thoughts on the impact of a life lived by God's definition of feminity. We are living in a confusing time. Much blessings upon you as you endeavor to be a light to this generation.
  • Feb 15, 16 at 05:12pm
    Have a great time! The weather here is so nice and warm like Spring!
  • Deleted Member
    Sep 10, 15 at 11:12pm
    I am doing ok. Trying to feel out different opportunities for future full time ministry. Had any success here on MW recently?
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