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  • Feb 23, 17 at 09:07pm
    Welcome Carlos (I'm guessing that is your name), you have a well thought out profile. I may have to copy and paste some of it on to mine. Anyway, I noticed you listed Shai Linne as one of your favorite artists. I would like to recommend checking out Go to the 'radio' tab and listen to the mix titled 'False Teachers.' Of course you will probably want to listen the other mixes as well.
  • Feb 22, 17 at 01:56pm
    Whelp...I'm back after 4 years of forgetting this site even exists (doh!)
  • Deleted Member
    Nov 11, 12 at 04:26pm
    I've enjoyed reading through your profile.
    I live quite far from you, so am writing just to thank you for the book recommendation, I will look into it, have listened to John Macrthur on the radio, so know his teaching is Biblically-based. Also, thank you for your profile, it's encouraging to see how many true men of God are around. Be encouraged yourself: if the Lord did not give you a gift of celibacy, He will provide that which your heart seeks.
    God bless you!
  • Jan 7, 12 at 01:54am
    Sweet :-) Welcome again and Happy New Year to you! :D
  • Jan 7, 12 at 01:15am
    Whitfield, just a helpful note, you should message people directly on their wall, not your own. Everyone falls into this same pit at the beginning, so perhaps MW should give more pointers for those who sign up.
    I see you already know 4HisGlory. Very cool! I met her on this site and seems like a really wise and really interesting person.
    I am indeed at CHBC and have gleaned so much from the teaching and fellowship there. :-) It's a very transient church that has grown tremendously since Mark became the pastor. It's amazing when Shai and Trip Lee came to do the internship since our worship is quite traditional. They have been great assets to the congregation and Shai and his wife seem so sweet and down to earth. And great news- they just had their first baby today! I wonder if Shai will rap about it. hehe.
    So, out of curiousity, what is your new business?
  • Deleted Member
    Jan 6, 12 at 11:46pm
    make that 366 days! this year is a leap year!
  • Jan 6, 12 at 10:25pm
    Welcome to MW ;-) I think I know you from somewhere, lol!!! Curious to know how you find out about it :-)
  • Jan 5, 12 at 06:27pm
    Hey there & happy New Year!

    Yep, I do have the privelege of being taught by MacArthur at my beloved Grace Community Church. Looks like you attend the church Mark Dever leads? Great assembly, I hear. (Can't help but wonder how often they let Shai Linne loose among the flock with his "Lyrical Theology..." (c:-)
  • Jan 5, 12 at 11:25am
    Welcome to MW, and I hope you have a great time meeting people here. As an aside, there seem to be a number of Californians here which could be encouraging.
    Are you at MacArthur's church? A few friends attend there, and I met a girl on MW who is also there.
    Great movie selection! I'm a huge film buff, but the indie and foreign films tend to interest me more. I tend to gravitate more toward films that have deeper plots.