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  • Deleted Member
    Jun 17, 14 at 07:58pm
    All you ever wanted to know about corn nuts. :P
  • Jun 1, 14 at 12:37am
    My questions are not pre - judging, they are really just questions, were I want an answer.
  • Deleted Member
    May 2, 14 at 11:45pm
    I read that article. It was a good read and very thought provoking!
  • Apr 27, 14 at 10:46pm
    I loved the article from the link you posted. A friend posted it on facebook, it actually made me cry.
  • Apr 25, 14 at 04:10pm
    Honestly I wasn't impressed with it. I would say it was one of my least favorite of the Disney movies I have watched in a while and since everyone has been making such a big deal about how they liked it so much it made me think that maybe I just missed something so that is why I was asking your thoughts.
  • Apr 24, 14 at 02:18pm
    What were your thoughts on the movie Frozen?
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 20, 14 at 02:31am
    I liked Frozen. Watched it on a plane. I would have changed a few things, but it was easily the best of my flight's four flicks. ... What did you think of it?
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 13, 14 at 01:35am
    @jrsimeon: Thanks for the website resource---much appreciated!
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 7, 14 at 01:08am
    No, no one has told me that before. Thank you for what I perceive as a compliment though!
  • Deleted Member
    Apr 3, 14 at 09:31pm
    I'm not the judge who is in the Church and who is not. There are plenty of people in the church with all sorts of issues who are nonetheless covered by grace and plenty of people in the church who aren't even saved. As for problems with sexual ethics, this is been an issue in the church since the beginning, see Paul's letter to the Corinthians, e.g 1 Cor 5:11. As in those days, the church needs be vigilant about the ways the mores and practices of the surrounding culture infiltrate and influence believers. For my part, I have been personally experiencing interactions with men who say they are believers and don't think having children in uncommitted relationships is a big deal. This is saddening.
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