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  • Feb 6, 18 at 08:40pm
    Yeah, I have always lived in California :-)
  • Feb 5, 18 at 01:24am
    So, where are you from? Born in the Bahamas or somewhere else?
  • Feb 5, 18 at 01:19am
    Definitely creative! I don't spend much time making things, but I would love to sometime. Creativity comes out other ways now - yes music is one way. Books; well no not really, those just all happen to be some of my most favorite. Have you read any of them?
  • Feb 2, 18 at 09:48pm
    That's great. I think I love that it's a fun, great story with real heroics and humor, and sincere drama. Also that it is a very well done film in all aspects - I love good quality design in all aspects. I love Edna Mode! Partly because I love fashion/clothing/costumes. I even made up and worn a Edna Mode costume - not normally the kind of costume I'd wear.
  • Feb 1, 18 at 09:31pm
    Yeah, we're all "old squares", right? I actually don't listen to Thru the Bible much anymore, more often Family Life Today. Yay for the Incredibles! So, why is it that makes it a favorite for you?
  • Jan 31, 18 at 11:39pm
    Thank so much for your comment and encouragement! 2018 is going pretty well. I noticed you like J. Veron Mcgee and Tony Evans. I grew up listening to Thru the Bible with Mcgee, and have appreciated Tony Evans when I hear him.