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  • Apr 14, 18 at 02:34pm
    dear sister read about your post "save submition to marriage",
    you're so lovely sister,
    god bless you with humble and warmhearted partner,
  • Mar 29, 17 at 08:54pm
    I agree, truth is the new hate speech. God's light (thru us) can overcome that darkness. God bless you.
  • Jan 15, 17 at 08:29pm
    Saw your post about the house in Cortona. What an adventure. Best to you--
  • Dec 5, 16 at 09:46pm
  • Nov 27, 16 at 03:36pm
    When I was a democrat my mother made sure I voted for the right things. Not democrat. Another words when she voted for Ronald Regan I voted for Ronald Regan too.
  • Nov 15, 16 at 09:19pm
    Haha. Yes, you are right.
  • Nov 12, 16 at 10:51am
    Amen! Sister!
    I have to tell you that some Christian do vote hillary thinking because since California is a democratic state you automatically vote every thing democat. I told some of the ladies in my bible study that is not the way to vote. Especially if you're a Christian. You can not worship and pray to Jesus and then turn around and vote for Hillary. That stabbing Our God in the back.
  • Oct 30, 16 at 11:59am
  • Oct 8, 16 at 09:57am
    Yes we need to pray and fast before voting! Father God please save our country and bring us a true Christ follower to be our president! In Jesus name Amen.